I Don't Give a FAQ


  • All clothing pieces with printed designs or embellishments are wash inside out in cold cycle and hang to dry.
  • Items with chains or rhinestone embellishments are dry clean only


  • Jewelry will turn darker if it frequently gets wet. to avoid this try to remember to take your jewelry off before doing things with long water exposure like showering or swimming.
  • Avoid tangling and unnecessary wear and tear by taking off layers before doing strenuous activities or sleeping.
  • clean your jewelry by wiping down with a soft polishing cloth. 


  • gold filled jewelry pieces are very durable and tend to last longer than gold plated ones. gold filled has more real gold than gold plated. gold filled jewelry is 1/20th real gold and are an affordable alternative to solid gold. 
  • gold plated jewelry is a cheaper alternative to gold filled jewelry pieces. it has a very thin layer of gold around it and requires extra care compared to gold filled pieces.