Diversity and Inclusivity

Beautiful clothes are expensive and time consuming to produce. The clothes I make for Moxie Wrrld are an extension of myself, inspired by my own tastes and items I wish I had in my closet, and in the case of items not selling I keep them myself. Almost all Moxie Wrrld garments are made in my size because it’s extremely disheartening to put so much time, effort, and resources into something that doesn’t sell nor fit me. 

For these reasons, most of my garments are not size inclusive, and I’m sorry to everyone who feels discluded because of that. I want to do better, but as a full-time student and the sole employee of Moxie Wrrld, I simply can’t right now. I do not have the time, funding, or labor to expand my offerings.

The best solution I can offer now is made to order and custom garments. Made to order garments are pieces from my 1of1 collections that can be replicated in sizes XXS-XXL. Custom garments can be similar although not exact recreations of previous MW pieces or your own unique ideas and inspirations, and are made from your measurements with no restrictions. While this isn’t a final solution, and I hope to someday expand the sizing of my 1of1 garments and collections, this is the most cost and resource effective solution for the time being.

If you have questions or comments, please reach out to me at sophia@moxiewrrld.com

Sophia Boyer - Moxie Wrrld

Multimedia collage

Multimedia collage