The 411 on M0XiE WRRLD

 Hey it's Sophia from Moxie Wrrld🧚‍♀️🦋✨Today I'm going to be doing an 'about me' style blog post to give u some more info on ur fav brand, Moxie Wrrld. You guys sent me some questions, and since I can't rely on my storytelling skills alone to piece together an eloquent blog post  I'll be answering them below. 

 "How did you get started and how did you get your page going?" @miahlilplanet

I started Moxie Wrrld at the end of February this year..(arguably the best thing of 2020). Before this I had a small jewelry business, but it was never anything I took seriously, and I really didn't like the name of it so I knew eventually I would have to change it. 

I love how the word Moxie sounds, and I love the definition even more. It means having a strong sense of determination, will, or nerve, and when you type it into Google the contextual sentence says 'when you have moxie, you need the outfit to match' which felt like a full circle moment. I want Moxie Wrrld to stand for clothes that empower you and make you feel confident and full of moxie ;) when you wear them. 

My main advice for someone starting a small business who is trying to grow their page would be to use Instagram ads. Once you're ready to invest even a small amount like $30 a week, you can really start to grow your following. Don't forget that you're spending extra money, but potentially gaining more customers so make extra products that month!  

"Have you always been skilled/inclined to do what you do with your clothes?" - @isabellla_z

Not at all! My first time even using a sewing machine was last fall, but I wouldn't say I really knew what I was doing until this spring. Not to say I'm Martha Stewart of sewing over here though-- I'm still learning and improving everyday! Over quarantine I spent a lot of time sewing and learned how to make patterns for clothing, which really helped me understand the process of making clothes better. 

Something I would love to get into is embroidery. Obsessed!

"How did you come up with the idea/ what inspired you? What's the hardest part?" - @bmweier

For the 1 of 1 pieces I draw a lot of inspiration from the original piece of clothing. For the most part, I curate a collection of statement pieces and the crazy patterns or textures I find really inspire the process of reworking them. I also draw a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram, and of course the designer brands my pieces are inspired by. Some of my favorites are John Galliano, Karl Lagerfeld, Raf Simmons, and Jeremy Scott...for now.

One of the hardest parts for me is taking good pictures of the clothing! Every drop a little piece of my heart breaks because I have so many beautiful clothing pieces and I never feel like I do them justice. I always wish I could do a couple really cool photoshoots with amazing outfits and hair and makeup, but I just never can coordinate anything in the time between drops. Also, I've had to get really comfortable in front of the camera myself, lol, which isn't always easy. 

"Do you make these clothes or do you find them and resell?" @ecuadorianslut

So the 1 of 1 collection are pieces that I find from the thrift store, and then I rework them and resell them. I take a lot of pride in trying to make each of the 1 of 1 pieces really special, and completely worth the price. 

For the Grrls Collection on my site, those clothes are 100% made by me! I source fabric for the collections and make the pieces myself from clothing patterns. All in house and handmade with luv <3

"Would you ever do custom pieces?" @sierra.mcd0nald

I've dabbled in the area of customs before, but it gets overwhelming juggling the 1of1 collection and Grrls collection while taking custom orders. Something I've been considering doing is style bundles (anybody else fans of internet girl?!) I would love to style custom looks instead of individual pieces, and give customers an entire outfit they would love from clothing to accessories. Just something I've been considering...........hmm thoughts??


Damn, this is a long blog post. I'm going to stop here because I think I've rambled enough to lose everyone, but if anyones still hungry for more checkout my IGTV video where I answer some more of your questions! 






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